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Plastic Pack is you place.

We offer wide range of quality containers, trays, pots manufactured with thermoforming technology.
Our products are supplied by our own transport department. Manufactured products posses valid migration
and microbiological tests required for packaging dedicated to food products.
Certificates of compliance are made on request.

We are waiting for your new product requests. With in-house expertise and know-how we will provide
you the best technical and technological solutions and competitive prices.


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New offer!

Would you like to be more visible on the market? Would you differentiate your products or you brand?
Why not to create your own packaging and brand it with your own logo.







Searching for new packaging? Select something avaialable from our wide product portfolio of containers, trays, cups etc… not there, let us know your expectations to develeop something dedicated especially to your needs.

Longterm experience, know-how in plastic thermoprocessing and machines, lines creation is our key competence and competitive advantage. We like challanges, ask us for solutions created to your needs.

Products made form polypropylene (PP) are best choice in terms of confectionery packaging. Good product protection, resistance for cracking and excellent fat barrier these are benefits to use our products. Let us develop creative ideas for your needs, queries welcome.

Security of packed products are critical element within entire logistic chanell. We are at your disposal to provide optimal solution how to secure your valuable product that it arrives safely to final destination.

We are reliable, dynamic and innovative company dedicated to process thermoplastic materials for various
industries among them for food applications. We know how important for our customers is hygiene and safety that`s
way we operate our factory located in Chełmek, Poland based on Hygienic Management System for production
of packaging materials for Food Industry PN-EN15593.

Innovative thermoforming process of polypropylene (PP) allow us to offer wide range of packaging in different
colors. Transparent containers, blue, green, black trays or pink pots are our routine production plan.
Innovative approach, in house know- how and our expertise will contribute effectively to your idea about new
concept, new packaging for your product with smooth and fast mass production.

Searching competitive prices? Ask producer, we are happy to provide you attractive and competitive offer.


Our company is supported by Malopolska Regional Operational Program for 2007-2013.

Plastic Pack
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